Mugs and Mouse pads available on the store

They’re here! Finally, Quotatium has created a new line of products that are literally off the wall. With new products like mugs and mouse pads you can take our motivational quotes outside of the office and into the rest of the world.

The new lines of mugs and mouse pads bring a whole new batch of graphics that are different from the posters. Styles and quotes like these cannot be found in any other place!

The mugs are made of premium ceramic and are 11 oz. coffee mugs that are dishwasher and microwave safe they meet FDA requirement for food and beverage safety, and are easy for being on the go.

Mouse pads are 7 ¾” by 9 ¼” and are ¼” thick. Both are conveniently comfortable and creatively designed to satisfy and appeal to the businesses of every type.

This is only the beginning for what is new in Quotatium; soon there will be other office décor products that will be introduced for other aspects of the office environment.
With Quotatium we will make sure your office is ready to take on the business world by storm by providing all the motivation that is needed. So get your mug today and sip coffee with the confidence to conquer the world today.


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