10% off new poster Classic Chart Pattern till the end of June

We are now introducing the new educational poster “Classic Chart Patterns” to the Stock Market lovers.

It beautifully displays all the classical types of chart patterns commonly used in technical analysis. In this educational poster you can find certain patterns such as Double Top, Double Bottom, Head and shoulders, wedges, pennants and triangles. Three categories, Reversal Chart Patterns, Continuation Charts, and Neutral Chart Patterns are presented  on our posters to explain, educate, and motivate those in the area of stock market.

To celebrate the launch of this amazing poster we are having a week-long promotional event where there will be a 10% discount on this poster. This promotion is from June 25
th until June 30th 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time, Use the code PATTERNS at checkout.  so hurry and don’t miss out!


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