11 x 17 inches size available on the store

We are proud to introduce to the world the 11 x 17 inches size option for our posters. With the new 11 x 17, we offer more flexibility in finding the right frames for the oh-so-popular size.
11 x 17 is the size of a typical tabloid, which never goes out of style, and dominated by sensational pieces of news. With this in mind, we believe that the new addition to our poster family will brighten and breathe creativity into your home and offices.

Since this size is so popular, one can always find great varieties of posters and suitable frame designs. Flexible incorporation will surely light up both the mood and the home.
With this new member, we are starting to prosper even more. No doubt there will be many great selections of products in the future. You will not want to miss out on these!
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Christina Nguyen
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